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Happy Friday Dude, Scotty, Guru, Kyle, and the DGC!

This morning’s headline in local news made my day here in “legal” land, the beautiful and independent VERMONT!

I have to add the quotes around legal, as we do have legal recreational use, but no retail yet (for rec). Interestingly, it’s Republican members of the State congress resist legal retail, out of concern for the impact on existing open market players who have been so instrumental in getting us this far.

Vermont was the first state to legalize recreational use through the legislature vs ballot amendment, and have maintained a thoughtful, considered approach to the numerous issues surrounding the correction of the harmful, hateful, and ignorant policies that have for so long demonized both herb and herbalist.

These could well be ditritus from one of my previous seshes out there for all I know.  They certainly reflect the will and spirit of your Green Mountain brethren and sistren in cannabis, however!

I share this message of high hopes, and high times with all, but especially those of you who are still fighting the good fight in prohibition land.

If you’ve run out of patience, Vermont is offering $10k enticement to certain demographics to encourage workers to relocate here. The DMV is right across the street from the State House, so if you time it right, you can pick your own nugs while you’re transferring your license and registration. We aim to please!!

Peace,  Pops