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Going to have a jar of these for each of u guys when u get to Oklahoma for the Cowboy Cup to show my appreciation for all the DGC has brought me!

Will be harvesting these girls by this weekend so they can hang for 12 to 14 days then get trimmed up and into the jars to cure for a couple weeks b4 the Cowboy Cup. Can’t wait to meet u guys it’s literally been a goal for me to smoke one with u guys my days have been much different since finding the show seriously I feel like u guys are a part of my everyday life now lol my kids know this is my favorite show period I’ve made the dank nugz list 5 times now and each time I feel like I made the cover of High Times lol  appreciate everything the DGC has brought to my life and how much the DGC has helped make me a better grower.

First is Black banana f2’s from Solefire gardens and last 2 pics are Quantom Kush from Odie Diesel