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Whats growin on DGC!? I just wanted to share this cloner I made fairly easy. I say fairly easy because not everyone is experienced in the DIY realm. It can be done for $60 or less (depending on shipping, sales and items already owned)!

I needed a better way to clone as my old methods were glass of water or straight into the medium. Doing these methods can take 2 weeks + in some instances. Cloners online are WAY overpriced and have way to many sites for my needs/space. Thats when I seen a perfect tote for my needs.

Its a 5 gallon Craftsman tote. They can be found online for cheap and shipped for what I paid in store. I also picked up a 1 3/4″ hole saw for the 2″ soft ez cloner collars. Marking my holes with one of the collars on the tote lid, I used the hole saw to drill through. The pump and manifold with misters are the ex cloner pump replacement for their 25 site found on Amazon.

I had some door seal so I put it around the top of the tote to prevent leaks. I also put foil tape on the lid as it let light through without it. First test was done with tap water (228ppm) with a ph of 7.2. I used Clone x gel and that was it. Ran the pump 24/7 with water temps never getting over 72° f.

Only having to add water once, it took 5-6 days for me to see root bumps. 8-9 days I had great roots! These clones were from my Gorilla Glue and Tangerine Dream. They were the lower nodes i always removed after topping but wanted to test my cloner so used those.

For $60 or under its a great cloner! Since these pictures I’ve added two more sites for an 8 site total. Getting ready to clone some Batman OG and some Purple OG. Hope this saves some growers some money! Happy growing fam 🔥💨💨