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I was stoned looking around at stuff on Amazon got to think why I don’t I build my own rosin press so I went a Harbor freight for the jack and  16 gauge extension cord for the power cord/wiring. I went to my local welding supply store to get the aluminum bars, steel plates and tube’s. For the heating I ordered 4 ac 110v 100-500w 12×120 mm cartridge heater to control the temperature I ordered Inkbird PID temperature controller with 40DA solid state relay K Thermocouple all from Amazon. For the box to put the PID controller and SSR I went to Hobby lobby just to get something cheap. I have about 250 in to it and love using it nothing better then some fresh pressed rosin in the morning.  Love the show looking forward to many more to come  thank you guys for the education it makes for a really good smoke sesh.