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Hey DGC, I never really thought about it until I looked up the other day at my light and notices it. So my hoods are placed where my bulbs all run in a parallel line facing the same direction. So I started thinking about the side where the room is smaller and the hoods are a lot closer. Do you think If have the bulbs facing the opposite way so the end of the bulbs are facing the wall I will have more uniform light spread .on the left side of the wall in this picture is where I get the least light. I feel light this will fix that problem but I don’t want the middle to get the same issue. then I was also just curious why a lot of these old school Canadian commercial grower’s run the HPS lights vertical. Is it so they can just pack 200 lights in a smaller space .thought about trying one vertical light out in a area I want some head space. Anyone like to run vertical hps lighting and why besides it being cheap. thanks DGC hope all is well.

Your friend,
The Kid