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What’s up Dude and Mr. Real!

First time grower started y’alls podcast from the beginning a few weeks ago only at episode 59 but listening and learning all day everyday so keep up the great information!!

I’m growing 4 strains feminized seeds in soil in a tent grow. Grew them in veg for 70 days then switched to flower 18 days ago. They have been doing great and in the stretch. 3 already have plenty bud sites and growing strong while 2 are still stretching like crazy. Last night I pinched and bent them over so the whole canopy matched and now that I’m thinking about that I feel like I might have screwed myself bc I stressed the shit out of the plants while in flower and will have to repair all those bends instead of putting all that energy into bud making. Did I potentially just screw myself or what?? Tried reading all over the net about bending in flower and you know how those message threads are. Let me know if there is any product I can use to help some of the stress out or what I can do possibly. Obviously I run the recharge and that stuff there is a gift from the cannabis gods! Please help ease my mind or tell me if I completely fucked it up! Thanks for all the knowledge fellas!

Much love from a not 100% cannabis friendly state yet… the paint guy