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What up dgc alumni! These hacks are basic and simple, im sure similar have come before, but I haven’t seen them, so I wanted to share how I “hack my grow.”

A) diy c02/ yeast, sugar, h2o mixture allegedly works, I have a autopilot monitor, but my tents don’t stay 100% sealed, so the difference between ambient is negligible, buy hey, I like to think it’s making a difference lol

B) tent top platform is a board stretched across the top of my 2×4, securing my exhaust fan, serves as a table to sit my beer down (s/o dude), roll a j…

C) **would love some feedback ** I use “backup ups” for all my tents, serves as backup power in event of power failures, only buy you 10-12hrs, varies, has served me well a few times… not sure of efficacy, also has limited load capability. Anyone else ever used? Is there a product similar but a better option? Would I be better to just use a reg surge protector??

D&E) ifawkingforget what it’s called, it’s a type of non residue putty, use it as seen on all my fans, ducts etc, the exhaust fan is “suspended” via floor joist, no vibration- e) I use hydroton as a spacer for my pots and saucers, used a variety of “things” in the past, pvc pipe, cut 1×1 wood, etc, serves that purpose well, I save and reuse, cautious to quarantine those pellets designated as I don’t place inside pots for direct contact with plant material,  im sure they’re holding secrets from previous runoff, ok folks, think that’s it, getting my courage to show some content, thanks for all you do DGC, here’s some hacks to learn from and criticize!!