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Hey DGC,

There has been a lot of talk about different types of silica, potassium silicate and mono-silicic acid…I mean mono-silicic acid, mono-silicic acid. Now I’m just being duplicitous… I mean duplicative. Anyway I like to make amendments when i can. One I’ve found to be super easy to get and process is horsetail. It is found in most of the US and Canada and up to 55% of all biomass is silica as well as micro nutrients. Take a creek hike during this beautiful fall weather I’m sure you will find some. Maybe eat some shrooms and make a day of it…That to me sounds like a way easier way to get silica than paying for MSA. It has very little water content when harvested so it can go straight into the oven on low and will be crispy in a few hours. Blend it up and there you go ready for storage, top dressing or soil amending and the worms love it. A must have for my garden and has replaced my bottle of potassium silicate for good.