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What is up Dude, Scotty, and Guru? I decided it’s about time I stopped growing mushrooms since I now have more than I’ll ever need and get back into learning how to grow cannabis since I stopped after the last disaster attempt and my bank account is literally being drained before my eyes when at the dispensary it costs $60-$65 on average for a 1/8. It’s robbery. I ended up burning the shit out of my plants trying to feed them fox farm trio bottled nutes. After the that I don’t ever want to go back to using bottled nutes and not to mention they are far from cheap. I started looking into organic growing because I want to do whatever I can to not use bottled nutes. I ended up getting “Earth Dust” from The Green Sunshine company which has a base and boost. Mixed the base with happy frog & let it cook for 2-4 weeks and shortly before flower top dress the boost. I should’ve used promix instead of happy frog but learned that after it was to late. Used Great White Mycorrhizae during seed germination and also when transferring for optimal root growth. I’ve been just watering with recharge and water. Everything I watch and read says to feed the plants Teas when they are hungry. Well how do you know when that is? What are the differences between telling if a plant is “hungry” or a deficiency? I don’t want to end up waiting to long and then it turning into a deficiency. I would greatly appreciate any advice you could send my way. Words can’t express how much I love the DGC and the show! Thank you for all for all that you do!

Your Boy,  Joey Onelove