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Hey guys, I’ve been listening to your show for about a month now and feel I’ve gathered enough knowledge to start my 1st grow. No reason to keep getting ready to get ready right? So I’ve jumped in. I purchased a 2×2 grow tent on Amazon. It came with a MarsHydro Light, 4” fan and filter, a hygrometer and temp gauge amongst a few other items. I purchased Fox Farms Ocean Forest soil, mixed it 2 parts OF to 1 part vermiculite and 1 part perlite. That’s my medium and I planted the seed directly in soil after a 12 hour soak in a cup of distilled water. 24 hours later it sprouted and off I was. Some small details. I put my pot on a heat mat set to 78 degrees and left it on through germination until about day 9ish when the 3rd set of leaves formed, I then turned it off. I have watered since day 1 with Arrowhead spring water and Recharge. At day 10 I mixed in a mild mixture of Fox Farms Grow Big as well. I keep the tent at 78 degrees, humidity at 60% utilizing a humidifier I built a shelf for that my circulating fan picks up and blows down to the area the plant is growing. So far it all seems to be working ok. From what you guys see, is there anything you’d change or add? The final picture is day 11 (today) I am growing a North Lights auto BTW. I love your guys show, it’s very informative and incredibly entertaining. Love the varied personalities and all you guys have going on. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and helping inspire new growers. Aaron Hammer.