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Hello DGC. My first post on this forum and based on the comments I’ve heard read on the show, I can’t wait to hear the DGC respond. I’ve been growing for 10 years in MI as a medical patient. Always have used the old school single ended hps lights in the 600 watt variety. I recent made the step to switch to LED and purchased a Luxx 645 watt pro led. First impression when I fired it up… HOLY SHIT THATS BRIGHT! I’m at day 27 in these photos. Just wondering if you guy think these look like they are coming along as they should be under this led. I have the light about 8-9 inches from the top of the canopy. I feel like they should be bigger at this point, but what grower don’t think that 😂 My environment is co2 enriched. I run at 80 degrees and fluctuate between 48-55% humidity with lights on. And lights off I’m at about 70 degrees and 45% humidity. Growing in Mother Earth coco perlite mix using R/O water, Canna A&B, Canna boost, Botanicare cal mag, Canna PK as directed by the canna feeding schedule, facilitor (silica), Canna Rhizotonic, Emerald Harvest Honey Chome (carb) and of course a once a week flush with good ole Recharge! My nute pH goes in about 5.9-6.2 and the EC this week is about 2.3. Just looking for any tips to help my grow improve. Thanks to anyone who takes the time to respond and especially a huge thanks to the show and the love you all spread!!