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What’s up grow friends?

Dude, Scotty and Guru thanks so much for addressing my past questions I’m still watching the videos to make sure I retained everything, plant nutrition is such a deep subject! (No I haven’t upgraded my blurple but soon boys, soon.)

Similar to my last question, how does a cannabis plant choose how much and what spectrum light to use? I assume the sun provides the plant with more than enough wattage and a full spectrum so over years of evolution, cannabis found its sweet spot for light intake from the sun. But indoors, assuming you have surpassed the limit for lumen intake and that the high wattage isn’t burning the plant, will the plant choose what light spectrum to use first or primarily? Would plants benefit from a daily change of spectrum to simulate sunrise and sunset?

Again another ambiguous question but that’s just the way she goes boys. You guys are the bomb and as long as you make videos I’ll watch them 🙂