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I have a light rail 4.0 light mover that hasn’t been used in a while. I once had it set up in my 4×8 grow tent basically going from coast to coast! After a while I took it out because I added a second light. As my grow evolves and equipment gets added, I’m really only using 6 of my eight feet. My questions is, what is happening to the plants when the light goes away? Or moves down to the other end I should say.  I’ve completed grows with it going completely from one end to the other hanging out at each end for 20 seconds. but this time I’m only going to have it move about 2 feet back and fourth to cover the 6 foot area. I won’t even use both rails.  Once again to help understand my question. Does the plant not grow as efficiently when the light briefly goes away? Will it think a “cloud” passed over and keep on trucking for that short amount of time the light isn’t directly shining on the plant? If we’re talking A negligible loss in yield for giving up 340 watts while making my light move 2 feet I’ll take it. I can make that back with another tent.   Thank you for the help.