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Pretty simple really.  I did add a second rinse bath this last time on advice from a fellow grower.  Here’s what you will need to run this method:

4 – 5 gal buckets

2 cups – 4% hydrogen peroxide.  This will kill any remaining pests and/or PM.  (this last run I ran 3 cups of 3% because it was all I could find)

2 cups – real lemon juice.  This will help degrease your plants and break down those IPM oils and residues.  Real lemons are fine but you have pulp and seeds to deal with

2 cups of baking soda.  This will work to mildly scrub your flowers and further removes residue.

First bath: 4 gal water + 2cups hydrogen peroxide (the killing floor)

Second bath: 4 gal water + 2 cups lemon juice + 2 cups of baking soda (this is the main cleaning bath)

Third & fourth baths: plain water (double rinse baths)

I prefer to use room temp water so the trichomes do not snap or melt off.
Gently submerse and swish buds in each bath 15-30 seconds.  Be careful not to mash the buds against the bucket sides. Be sure to let each flower drain solution back into each bucket to minimize loss.

Hang to drip dry in an area with air flow.  If you need to set up fans do it but don’t leave them blowing at any one spot as they will dry unevenly.  once they have finished drip drying and are not wet to the touch then you can put them into your selected drying space.

If you would like to see an actual video of this process just visit my instagram page @_rasufa.  Good luck and enjoy those clean buds!