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Hey guys, growing 2 strains 1 Sativa 1 Indica using the same everything for both in a single tent. Just wondering how long flowering stage should take for either or both? Also wondering if I should be trimming off leaves that grow over the flowers and cover them? Is it important the flowers are exposed to full light always?? Everything is going well and they are growing great👍🏻

They have been in flower stage since Jan 1st. 4×2 gorilla, 2 LED lights idk what kinds sorry 1 has 4 long bulbs the other has 2. Organic nutes only super low dose way below recommended (seablast:earthjuice), 1 liter h20 a plant per day, 12/12 cycle, Organic soil “Lush” is the bag(hydro store), 20$ oscillating fan, space heater, 20° temp change day/night, h20=6.5 pH, rosemary companion plants in the same tent

Thank you