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Short question here which I am sure has many long and short answers. Love the DGC and the incredible support you give to the legal cannabis movement.

So I am on my second grow now and this is my first autoflower. I have a He-Mans tolerance which SUCKS when I need to medicate to fall asleep fast or de-stress so I aim to have some amber trichs for the CBN.  The bud you see is Mephisto 3bears OG around day 84. She is still putting out white hairs somewhat and there are still plenty of clear-ish trichomes. The amber ones are mainly on the tops and the leaves. So I am just curious of the risk of seeds or loss of potency on her. I use fox farm trio, myco+ and humboldts secret sweet and sticky. In happy frog soil using 3gal smart pots. 1000w LED bloomgro ufo (pulls 300 from wall).

P.S. Would love to try some Recharge. Will it take place of myco+ and humboldts secret sweet and sticky?