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Hey all, first time posting here. Had a question regarding how long plants should be kept in veg.It’s my first real grow using quality lighting (HLG QB132 boards, 4x 3000K, 4x 4000K, 600 true watts total, plus a “300w” blurple hydrofarm that pulls 132w) and I’ve been giving them RO water with only Cal-Mag (2ml/gal concentration) and Recharge (0.5tsp/gal concentration) every watering, 2-3 quarts every 3-5 days. Soil is 5lbs Kind Soil in the bottom of each, then Ocean Forest above that.

I germed them on Feb 17 (the 10th for the largest) and thought they’d need about a month of veg. Four of them were started in RDWC, while the largest was started in soil. I’ve used lst, supercropping, topping, fimming, and defoliation techniques, so they’re low and flat for the most part. They were started in hydro but got rot, so I transplanted to soil and they fully recovered after a week.

When transplanted, I was low on soil. The soil line was anywhere from 1/2 to 2/3 of the way full, and I’ve been top dressing with more Ocean Forest as they’ve grown.

I know I can put them into flower now, but I worry about how much I’d miss out on at harvest. What would you do in my situation?

I have 7-9 weeks of flower, depending on the strain, plus all that drying and curing time. I’m hoping to get enough to last me until my second harvest so I don’t have to pay the ridiculous prices here in Illinois.

Thank you so much for any help and advice! Loving the show!

Starting from the tallest going clockwise: Fisheye OG, Dandelion Gum, Grape Gas Station, Panama Pupil V3, and Turbulent Juice. The GGS is a freebie from Well Grown Seeds while the other 4 are from Mass Medical Strains.

Panama Pupil V3 – Veg Week 6

Turbulent Juice- Veg Week 6

Grape Gas Station- Veg Week 6

Dandelion Gum- Veg Week 5

Fisheye OG- Veg Week 7