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What’s going on DGC! I am looking for a new light for a 2×4 gorilla tent and was about to pull the trigger on a HLG 350R, but now after watching the recent show with HLG, will the HLG 300L R spec be a better fit?  Or would staying with the 350R dimmed down potentially giving a better efficacy be the way to go regardless of cost difference? I scrog the tent, so the 350R also has a better light spread on the canopy vs the 300L. Also, not sealed but will have some co2 from mushroom bags or tnb, depending on availability at the time. 4” AC Infinity and several small oscillating fans keep things cool and moving.  Ok, starting to ramble or just confusing myself, 💨🌲. I look forward to the DGC’s feed back on this as LEDs continue to prove the “less is more” rule more and more.

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