What’s up Playas in the Dope Show?     So I have been a clone only kind of chic.   For good reason.  The research and development area costs a lot of time and money loss.   I feel like one chance for a seed to wow me though is not fair.  How many times would you give a maybe to hog up the rays on your flower table?    I can’t even imagine starting from scratch.    God Bless the people weeding out to get the perfect cuts for the rest of us.       Just finished a round that started life as 30 seeds.   Down to 7 .   I only respected 2 of these.  I got them ready to flower again for chance number 2.   I want to just chuck 5… give the space to my glue and Paloma.   Am I being too cutthroat? I did already invest so much time… on the other hand…. Dr. Phil says “ the only thing worse than a year in a shit relationship, is a year and a day”. I Dont know if I’m cut out for the old cunt hunt.   Looking for hot chicks seems like alot of work.    I can’t imagine all you go threw to catch a wife.    No wonder boys are just inventing new species of female genitalia on line.   Hard not to get lazy.   What do I do? Today is the day I decide.  Hurry up and tell me if I am wasting future time or if I only wasted past time.   One is more valuable.            I think this new guy may have beat out the Irei.   Should I just say fuck it and run with the Red Heads?