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Hey guys love your show, greatest show on the internet, i just joined the patreon group, sweet to be in the DGC!

So i am about to give no till growing a try, i am using pro mix bx which has myko and bio fungus, i got some natures own living super soil concentrate, after some research i learned that the natures own has a bad habit of running out before a photo plant can finish its run and they then suggest brewing something up, so instead got some extreme gardening myko, and i got raw npk grow and bloom phase microbes to make up the difference, i have been leaning towards getting some recharge to use, but am i adding to many microbes to my 7 gal fabric pots? I can’t really find info on how much is to much, hope you guys can help me on this. The genetics i will be using for the grow came from seedsmen themselves.

Keep up the great green grow knowledge you give out!!!