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Hey guys, 

I’ve got a question about organics amendments and liquid organic  nutrients. I’ve got a few plants growing in 5 gallon autopots right now, they’re in a mixture of 3 gallons of Promix hp, 1 gallon of worm castings, 1 gallon of perlite and amended 3tbsp per gallon of Gaia green 4-4-4. Is there such thing as over doing it on the nutrients with organics? I’d like to add a liquid organic to my reservoir called medi one by green planet. Alfalfa meal, bone meal, blood meal, glacial rock dust, mined potassium sulphate, fossilised carbon complex, rock phosphate, greensand, kelp meal, and gypsum. Gaia green 2-8-4 (Fishbone meal, steamed bone meal, glacial rock dust, mined potassium sulphate, fossilized carbon complex, rock phosphate, greensand, kelp meal, gypsum, and bat guano) and Mycorrhizae.

I am in week two of veg and will slowly start introducing miicrobial mass to my reservoir every second fill. (It is a fully balanced blend of all-natural ingredients that produce vigorous growth in the vegetative stage and resinous aromatic flora production in the flowering stage. Our formula contains hydrolyzed fish soluble extracts that are slowly steamed to preserve the amino acids. This is blended with mined potassium sulphate to provide additional nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K). These ingredients increase microbial activity in the grow medium, which helps the plant break down larger organic particles into a size that the plant can easily uptake and use)

Is my original soil set up enough or can I add medi one to it as well?

Cheers guys and be safe out there!