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G’day DGC how are ye doing? Real quick just wanna say a huge thank you to the Dude, Scotty and Guru and everything you guys do putting out priceless information in the most entertaining way possible and all the crew posting on the DGC, I’ve been listening to you guys everyday at work for the last 3 months and went back to the very start of grow talk around episode 300 and have just signed up as a member to say thanks for all you’re help and was wondering if I could get a little advice and recommendations on my grow please.

I’m currently on my 6th grow in prohibition land Australia and would like to get some input into an idea I’m experimenting with after upgrading from HPS to LED. During one of the episodes and learning there isn’t any UV in LED I bought a MH globe for the old beast to help heat up the room as the LEDs ran way colder than expected and to add the precious UV, the shipping for the rapid kit was a little expensive after the last upgrade but I plan on buying one in the future they were extremely responsive to my email after hearing about them on the show.

My first question is… I’m about to go into flower and am looking to get the best quality this time (as my last few grows have ran into some problems with heat, bad genetics and over feeding, the yeild was good but the quality was lacking compared to my first 2 where it was the other way around) I would also like to push for yeild like I was originally too so my idea is to run my 2 LEDS (details below) along with a MH and HPS globe at either 750w or 1000W for the first 6 weeks to get 3 different spectrum’s 2k / 3.5k / 4.2k and use 2 x 10k finisher globes for the last 3 weeks on my 9 weeks strains. I’m worried this might be too much light for my space and 9 plant count all the details are below to make it a little easier to read and assess. I’ve put as much information as I can and any other suggestions to help me achieve the best possible grow would be much appreciated thank you guys and everyone in the DGC


Concrete Floor / Brick Shed


2 x HLG 550v2 R-Spec
2 x 600 – 1000w DE Flexstar with 2K / 4.2K / 10K Globes
*Only using 1 of each for Veg


1 x 3m x 3m x 3m or 9.8f x 9.8f x 9.8f


2 x 8″ Mountain Air whipser silencer (in / out)


Coco 40 / Perlite 40 / Wormcastings 20


Neam Oil (as needed)
Pyrethium (3 days before)
Bug Bomb (1 week before grow)


Cyco full range
Mammoth P
Great White
Green Plant Massive Bloom
Bio Diesel
Rhino K
Absorbalight Foliar Spray


Dehumdifier (home use one)
Portable AC (home use one)

Average temp 21-24c (lights on) and 14-16C (lights off)
Average humidity 50-65%


Delicious Seeds – Eleven Roses X 2
DNA Genetics Seeds – Silver LA X 2
Barneys Farm Seeds Pineapple Chunk X 2
Barneys Farm Seeds B.F.-Blue Cheese X 2
Alien Genetics – Fruity Pebbles X 1

Using nebulas manifold training with a combination of super cropping, LST and weekly defoliation for the last 3 weeks of veg. I also lollipopped them 2 weeks before the switch and will do it again in week 4 of flower.

Carbon filter is outside the tent with the fan pushing through instead of pulling to try and save terpene profiles the room isn’t hot enough for this to cause a problem at the moment if it does I was thinking of getting ducting to slide over the filter and run it outside.

*I can’t take photos unfortunately but its all looks great at the moment