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Love the show guys, best grow green knowledge there is!!

So my question is how much pot is too much pot, when i am growing auto flowers in 3 gal fabric pots the plants never seem to get very big, when i grow in 5 gal fabric pots the plants seem to be very nice in size, when i grow them in 7 gal fabric pots the plants look about the same sized as the 5 gal pots, i notice after harvest that the bottom 4 or 5 inches of the pot are unused by any roots in the 7 gal pots also. Is there a correct size of pot for auto flowers in general or is it a strain based operation and some will just do better in different sized pots? i worry about lots of unused dirt in the bottom of the 7 gal pots and it staying wet possibly and making more issues. It doesn’t seem like i get the long roots with no till like i did with synthetic nutes.