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What’s up DGC. I asked this question during my first grow and went back to the answers and really didn’t help me pin this question down. I’m in a coco perlite mix and feeding the critical blue autoflower around 600 ppm of Advanced Nutrients Perfect Sensi coco part A and B along with Overdrive (late bloom booster) and Recharge. I’m using RO water and feeding once a day for now. She is drinking quickly still at a gallon a day in a 3 gal Radicle Bag. She is at day 70 from seed and is fattening nicely. Tricia are still majority cloudy and clear with Amber on the leaves not really on buds yet. Should i slow down feeding weekly (ex. 500 day 1-3, 400 day 4-7 and so on) or wait till i see amber trichs on the buds then at that point start a flush for a few days until runoff is below 150? Will bringing down the ppm help me get a fade and better taste. I have had 3 harvests so far and they went from first tasting harsh from too much green left from.not flushing and my 2nd being a but better with a flush but dried to quick and my last was slow dried and flushed and tasted better but, I want to have some stinky flower. It smells Amazing right now and at harvest but cant seem to keep that terp profile when ready to smoke. Anyway thanks for any suggestions.