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Hey growers and dudes. And hopefully u get a lady on the show hahaha. Love the show so I’m going to explain as simply as possible. 4×4 tent, environment dialed on 79 f 45 rh, soil all organic, lets just assume everything is perfect so we don’t gave to go through that. I grew a few clones of The church by greenhouse seed company. Same nutes, same everything except the only difference I can tell is ripening time. Breeder suggests 56 days but say it can be harvested at 49. So I harvested 1 clone 56 days another at 62 days and the last at 72 days. They all were dried slowly 60 rh down to 40 over 10 days 72 f. Cured 3 weeks. Here is where it gets weird. I’m looking for quality and the smoke tastes very different. The 49 day is racier which I expected has a nice taste but the yield and buds didn’t fatten up as much as possible. The 62 day is the best tasting and best affect.. has more of the berry terps prominent. The 72 day bud has an awful bitter taste after the exhale and tastes very earthy in an unpleasant way. The bud has the deepest dankest smell of the 3 almost as if its fermented or over cooked if you compare it to food. So i’m thinking that the reason my 72 day old weed tastes shitty is that it’s way over ripe. When I smoke it I also get spaced out and lose my train of thought for sometimes a while 30 min 60 min. It’s really weird. I think I answered my own question… but I feel if this is the case It would be easily confused as over fertilizing which i didn’t do or some other grow mistake. I also believe this happened on a few other strains I let go past the 70 day mark. Does anyone have any similar experiences? Thank you… I’m really trying to get the best tasting smelling cannabis.. the look and smell are there but am I ruining the taste letting it go to long? The pics are of harvest of day 62 plant

Thanks… happy growing.