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So switched up my cloning tek 6 months ago and it’s the best one I’ve used in the last 12 years so I figured I would share. So I’m goin to make it as quick and simple as possible but probably as quick as I would like. So like get down with some clone talk. I start by mixing 1ml of biobizz algamic per liter and 5.5- 5.7 pH and Soak my grodan 1.5” mini cubes in it for 25 minutes and once done shake the grodan cubes off till water is barely dropping off without force, then put my cut clones into that Solution for minimum of 10 minutes before dipping into clonex. Angle cut and scrape and split when cutting decent sized or any sized clones. If you don’t pick up what I’m putting down just ask guys. Anyways put your clones in your prepped grodan cubes and once your done give them foliar feed with that same Biobizz algamic solution. I water as needed with house and garden roots Excelerator gold at 0.5 ml per liter At 5.5- 5.7 pH until roots pop. If your clones start to yellow up, foliar feed with fresh batch of The same algamic solution Recipe. Once roots pop, starting cracking the hood open to garden them off. I have very healthy roots pop in 6 to 10 days. This picture is day 17. I’ve also kept clones alive for almost two months by feeding biobizz fish mix at 5 drops per 1/2 liter and a 6.2 pH and water and foliar feeding all at once 1 time a week. Happy growing DGC fam!! Hit up anytime. I’m only growing 48 hours a day and 14 days a week!!✌️✌️✌️