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Want to confuse the bugs? Don’t want to give up space to companion plants? Also want to stop mold spores in their tracks when they land? I thought of a way to do it without ruining the humidifier and possibly delivering droplets unintentionally of oil onto leaves and lights. I mixed up baking soda with rosemary Oil and a few drops of peppermint for fun. Then drill holes in Mason jars lids. Then I just sprinkle it all over the floor. Be careful to not ever get the baking soda in your dirt or with roots or anything. Only a tiny pinch will make a pH sky high. Make a mixture  of water, couple of tablespoons per gallon to wipe down walls or ceilings. It makes the whole place smelled like it is full of something that bugs are not interested in. It’s hard to crawl when your coated in a bunch of baking soda and burning essential oil. I make it in bulk in my Blend. Yeah that’s right I have one of those bad ass motherfuckers. I use it in the house also.  There is a real antiseptic quality to  essential oils. But make no mistake, dose Makes the poison. Straight essential oil on anything is pretty violent. I was inspired to write this post by the question about essential oil in humidifier. I have been doing this for 3 years and give it my seal of approval. Hey, also helps with camouflaging the smell of your grow and help combat the possible mold and fungus issues that you may have if using a lot of buckets and water over carpeted area. Also, FYI we had to pump our septic tank due to our tenant using the bathtub or toilet to dump all his drain buckets in. The perlite doesn’t break down. I think he also use really high class toilet paper. That shits no Bueno for septic tanks. If you wanna break the stereotype and give growers a good name to growers get educated on the serious damage that heat, moisture, microbes, fungus can do to a house. Don’t be a dick. Use my baking soda essential products! I’m not selling them because you make it. Later alligators