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Hey DGC community I am headed out of town for Halloween weekend and was wondering the easiest way to keep these ladies happy. I’ve got 3 options I’m considering.

  1. The 1st and most simple is just to overwater them a good bit before I head out of town and leave a small bit of standing water in the a tray with each plant. I’m just worried that if i do that the soil being soaked would become a problem. I’m growing in soil and they’re in 5 gallon fabric pots. I used Coast of Maine Stonington Blend with a bit of added perlite and vermiculite, and a recent topdressing of lobster compost+perlite. Would this mix likely be alright in standing water for a weekend?
  2. The 2nd option is to have my friend water them when he comes to check on the my cats. The only issue is they just entered day 2 of flower and are in the dark from 7:30a.m. to 7:30p.m. They likely wont be able to check on them during the light period so would have to water during the lights off period. Would light interruption be a huge concern this early into flower?
  3. The 3rd and likely best but most costly would be to install a gravity/siphon style drip system. I was also looking at Blumats Bottle adapters that can be fixed onto a bottle for a bulb style auto dripper. I just might have trouble getting actual Blumat’s before I leave so any other passive emitter or drippers would work too.

Anyways which of these 3 options would you recommend given I’ve got a week or so to make the decision? Thanks everyone, and hope you have a great Halloween! Here’s a picture of the ladies, the bushier one is Creature Panic and the other is Bahama Mamma