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How to make cannabinoid infused gummies and cannabis flavored vodka from dried trim

by bract2thafuture

Hey there DGC, this is the method I have developed over MANY batches to make delicious, potent, shelf-stable gummies from trim and larf and produce a nice cannabis flavored vodka to boot. Ive made all the mistakes already so all you have to do is follow the instructions. This recipe gets complex and requires practice to get correct. It is beneficial to do a dry run with out the extract (virgin gummies) to familiarize yourself with the gummy making process and get a better idea if how many molds will be needed. Just add an extra 50mL of water to make up for the volume of the excluded extract.

Harvesting & Processing

-Harvest the grow and wet-trim fan leaves and any smaller leaves that have no trichomes. If it is a particularly frosty strain with glands on the petiole and base of the fan leaves, cut those parts off into a bowl and cover with a clean cloth to dry.

-Hang plants to dry at 60/60 for approximately 7 to 10 days. Once proper moisture levels are reached, trim dried sugar leaves and larf into a collection bowl. Be sure to cut larf up to increase its surface area.

-Combine the homogenized trim material and placed in an airtight glass container.  Burp daily to remove residual moisture and ethylene for one week or as needed.

Preparation & Decarboxylation

-Add approximately 10g of trim to a 1/2 pint wide mouth mason jar. When lightly packed there should be about 1 inch of head space in the jar.

-Optional: save the stems from dried buds used for smoking. Cut into small pieces and store in a sealed container. Add approx. 10-15 pieces to a jar of trim to be extracted. This will provided increased mechanical agitation during the extraction process.

-Place lid and ring on jar and seal tightly. -Place the jar in a small oven safe pan and place in the oven.

-Preheat the oven and jar to 240oF.

-Once the oven reaches 240oF, bake for 20 minutes.

-Use oven mitts to carefully remove the jar and shake for 30 seconds to redistribute the material.

*Caution, the jar is HOT

-Place back in the oven and bake for an additional 20 minutes.

-Use oven mitts to remove the jar to a heat resistant surface. Material should be noticeably toasted and more brown in color.

*Caution, the jar is HOT

-Let rest until cool. (remember, hot glass and cool glass look the same!)


-Measure out 150mL of 95% ethanol (from a liquor store).

Note: I use a 150mL glass Anchor Hocking measuring cup to measure, catch and condense in. It can be purchased from Walter Martinez. I don’t wash this between uses, I add my ethanol to the glass and use a knife to scrape the sides and dissolve the precipitate from the last run. Cover the cup when not in use and between steps.

-Pour the 150mL ethanol into the mason jar containing the trim.

-Cap tightly and agitate by shaking for two minutes

Tip: Use a massage gun with the foam ball attachment to agitate the mixture.

-Let the mixture soak for 3 hours, agitating for 2 minutes every hour.

-Set up a filtration apparatus by using the glass cup, a funnel (preferably silicone) and a reusable coffee filter as shown below.

-Uncap the mason jar and use the flat lid, off-set on the top to decant (pour) the liquid through the filter. Try to prevent as much solid matter from leaving the jar as possible.

Tip: once flow slows, rhythmically bounce the jar over the filter to force residual liquid out (The reusable filter allows pass through of some waxy trichome parts that I enjoy in my gummies, but if you want them removed, the extract can be  re-filtered through an unbleached disposable coffee filter).

-Place funnel and filter (do not clean) on a collection bottle for the vodka (to be used in the next section).

Note: This will yield approx. 120mL of extract. The remaining liquid will come out in the vodka infusion.

-Optional: Add 2 drops of pure beta-myrcene to the extract to prevent cannabinoids from falling out of solution as condensation occurs and aid in homogenization with the gelatin later.

-Place the glass of extract under direct air flow from a fan to increase evaporation.

-Allow to evaporate and condense to a volume of 50mL.

Note: This is a long step and can take up to 4-5 hours depending on ambient conditions. Heat can be applied via hot plate or coffee mug warmer to speed the process but will result in a less flavorful end product.


-Poor vodka into the mason jar until material is submerged.

-Cap and agitate for 3 minutes.

-Decant into filter.

-Repeat previous 3 steps, combining and collecting filtrates in the bottle.

-Hand squeeze the remaining material to collect residual vodka.

-Material can now be discreetly discarded.

Note: This vodka will have the residual cannabinoids and will have alot of the water soluble flavors that the first pass of more pure alcohol can not extract. Particularly thiols (skunk odor) and anthocyanin (purple color).

Cocktail Recipe

Sonic Screwdriver

-Fill 12oz glass with ice

-Squeeze juice from half a lime

-Add 1oz cannabis vodka

-Top off with orange juice

-Stir to mix

-Garnish with a gummy


-Set up silicone molds on metal baking trays (all molds are different so estimating how many are needed to hold all the mixture can be difficult and require practice, its best to over estimate).

-Weigh out 4oz of flavored jello mix and add to a large mixing bowl (a silicone bowl is best if you can find it).

-Add 5x 1/4oz packets of unflavored gelatin.

-Add 1/2tsp of citric acid.

-Add 1/2 cup of corn syrup.

-Add 2 cup distilled water.

-Use a silicone spatula to gently mix until fully blended (This can take a while but must be done by hand to reduce formation of an emulsion).

-Place bowl in microwave and cook on high for 30 second.

-Remove bowl and stir.

-Cook for an additional 1 minute and 40 seconds stopping every 20 seconds to remove the bowl and stir the mixture (the mixture should not be allowed to boil).

-Ready the condensed extract from previous steps.

-Swirl the extract on a counter for 30 seconds to suspend any fine particulate in the solution (These add a bit of flavor and i like to leave them in but they can be removed by filtering through an unbleached coffee filter before the evaporation step).

-Pour into the hot gelatin mixture. Much of the alcohol will vaporize off at this point (ensure no open flame is near). The oils and cannabinoids will form a white/tan stringy precipitate in the aqueous gelatin (less so if beta-myrcene was added).

– Mix by hand until fully homogenized, taking care to break up any brown globs of phytoextract left in the mixture. This step is vital to ensure even dosing across the batch and prevents “hotspots” (This can be difficult and takes some practice but must be done as quickly as possible before the mixture cools).

-Use a silicone funnel to transfer the gelatin mixture to a clear condiment squeeze bottle (This step must be repeated one or two times depending on the size of your squeeze bottle).

-Fill the molds using the squeeze bottle taking care to stopper the tip with a finger and shake to homogenize the mixture every so often.

-Stir the mixture in the bowl before refilling the squeeze bottle.

-Allow filled molds to sit at room temperature for 30 minutes (this time can be used to clear out enough space in the refrigerator to hold the trays and clean your equipment/lick the bowl).

-Place molds in refrigerator for 45 minutes.

-Remove trays from the refrigerator and carefully remove gummies from molds (this takes practice and less intricate molds are easier to extrude) and set evenly spaced on a silicone baking mat.

-Position a fan blowing over the batch.

-Allow to cure for 72 hours, making sure to flip the gummies at least every 24 hours. Gummies will become more dense and clear as they cure.

*gummies are shelf stable at room temp. but will last much longer if refrigerated. For long term storage vacuum seal and refrigerate.