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Hey DGC!

A friend turned me onto this show/site when I asked what helpful grow education materials they would recommend. They were right on with their suggestion. Lots of great info here and I’ve really enjoyed catching up on previous episodes. Listening to you guys break down topics and share knowledge is great. Appreciate you.

I just started growing again after a 20 year hiatus. I’m using an HLG 350r in a 3x3x6 tent. The light output is intense! I had started my plants in a 2×4 veg tent along with all my garden veggie starts. They were under an LED shop light and/or 6 CFL 43 watt tubes depending on their stage and height. Growing regular photos in soil and they are 4 weeks into veg stage. Males will be culled and the pheno hunt will be heating up. I will keep mother’s in the 2×4 tent along with clones and use the 3×3 as a late veg/flower room. When I moved them into the 3×3 with the HLG 350r light, I dimmed the light down to try and ease them into the higher intensity lighting. The dimmer doesn’t list any % on the dial so I’m relying on my eyes and keeping track of how much I’ve turned the nob to set the light. Not very scientific. I need that pulse pro!

What do y’all recommend setting the dimmer for this light for veg vs flower? 50% for veg and 100% for flower? Increase intensity slowly over a few weeks or quickly over a few days? Does that change how high you would raise above the canopy? I don’t want to fry the plants by giving too much light, but don’t want to limit them by giving too little. Thanks for any and all help you can offer!

Happy growing