This is one of my favorite little things. So who’s still getting the paper newspaper? Right now on. So all of these newspaper boxes were abandoned all over the place. So I took it cleaned it and guess what? You can mount it and use it for bamboo steaks. What I like is that it is ventilated. So after my good soak in bleach, I put them in there and they can dry. what’s nice also is that it’s long enough that it can keep the steaks in order. Without playing that whole tipping over game. Oh wait a minute that’s because it’s mounted to the fucking wall. Lol if you’re buying containers with your hard earned money…? I don’t know what you’re doing with your life. People are throwing out more containers than the law allows. there’s a goddamn container for everything. I don’t have a cloning tray? So what. Grab that clear plastic box that salad comes in. Always something. And you’re doing two things at once. Getting your needs met and reducing waste of materials. I’ll admit I’m mostly interested in not spending money. However, I am very very very very much happy about. The not wasting materials or space in a landfill.