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Hey DGC,  what’s happenin my grow captain’s! So last year when I fired up my first grow sense 2013 I started running my same Biobizz nutrient reg and had a lot of issues and the plants got very sick. Ended up finding out my water’s PPM’s where way to high. What would happen is the plants would start out fine and then about 3 weeks in they would starting locking up ,cause the stuff in my water would build up in my soil and raise my pH dramatically. I had to install a Hydrologic RO system and feed them pure H20 for a couple waterings. I ended up saving my harvest. The harvest still came out really good ,but I could have done better. So ever sense I installed the RO system I have been trying to dial in the proper  ratio of cal-mag to run with Biobizz nutrient’s. There wasn’t a lot of info on the net and Biobizz wouldn’t give me any suggestions, cause I’m using a cal-mag that wasn’t Biobizz. They recently released a cal-mag and actually a brand new liquid microbial product ,but only available in Europe atm. So anyways it took some dialing to get it perfect. So I tried several cal-mag products and realized to stay away from any made with carbonates cause it would build up in my soil and raise the ph. So I finally ended up using Botanicare’s Cal-mag Plus and am getting the results I was looking for. If you RO water is at O PPM or O EC use Botanicare’s cal-mag at 4 ml per gallon when transplanting your clone with what ever rooting product you use. I transplant with root juice at 4ml per liter ,and house and garden roots excelurator at half strength, then some RX green solutions root. I have had 0%  transplant shock and they actually start preying super hard when I use this mix. Then after my next feeds I switch to roots excelurator full strength for two weeks and from the rx green to recharge . After 2 feeds And the roots are established and the plants are starting to take off I bump up my Botanicare’s cal-mag to 5ml per gallon and start adding my bio heaven and bio grow .The Botanicare’s cal-mag will stay at 5ml per gallon till flush . Sense these are non organic nutrients I do give the girls a flush with only recharge once in the middle of veg and once right before flipping to flower and giving them there first flower nutrients feed. Also Biobizz Alga-mic does not have enough micro nutrients to fix a bad calcium or a magnesium deficiency from having Soft or RO water. It’s also awesome addition to your flowering reg and great for water only days too. Also Biobizz Alga-mic is a epic foliar feed with Optic-Foliar’s Transport to help bring that nice lush green from clones till up to flowering. So I really hope this helps you guys out if you end up running a RO system and are using Biobizz nutrients. Will save you a lot of time and error.Here’s some pictures of my current run using this feed reg. I’m actually Running for the first time two phenos of the Best Coast Genetics Wilko’s Whack that where my DGC freebies from last year. The rest are Hells angel’s OG, Mango Kush, Platinum Cookies, Green Crack, Dosidos, and GG4. I also got to visit Archive Genetics home base in Portland and grabbed a cut of Duct Tape and the F.K.A Gorilla Glue #4 to add to the mom room! If you ever have any questions hit me up DGC. Hope all y’all are growing and blowing it up 48 hours a day and 14 days a week.💯✌️

Your friend,
The kid