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What’s up DGC! I’m back with part two and picking up where we left off, soo in the last post I mentioned being raided and after words switching from synthetic to organics. Let me clarify, I didn’t get nabbed up in the raid but I was smart enough to watch from across the street behind my 3% tint lol. What made me switch was the cost of the entire line up and the equipment I was gonna need to bounce back. I was very shorty on funds ( all of it was “confiscated”) so I knew I had to at least get a tent going to keep this train chugging. So what I went with was a mini split I got on credit, a used 1,000watt HPS(bought a new bulb), a 4x4x6 from viparspectra tents and some down to earth amendments witch I was meaning to try from the start but didn’t have the confidence. Anyways I’m here with some good input on my perspective on HPS vs LED and also some food for thought about plant count vs soil mass. With 9-3 gal poly pots under a 1,000 watt HPS cranked to 600 watts,  running 5 Gorilla glue #4 and 4 GMO all from exotic genetics, I yielded about a pound and a quater, just a little over that. All in a 4×4 tent. Then I ran 5-7gal polly pots, under a HLG 650 Rspec in a 4×4 cranked almost all the way up ( reminder I didn’t have to run my mini split soo much=powersavings) I yielded a pound and a quarter on the money. Now I know this may sound funny but I would like to add that maybe it was me or maybe it was the fact that 9x3gals =27 gallons of media and 5x7gals=35 gallons of media? Either way I thought I would bring that to the DGC, ill be running a higher number of plants and under the same conditions, will report back.