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Hi Dude & Scotty,

I’ve been listening for a few months now perfect podcast for my daily “office work ;)” so to speak its like florida down here, first time comment.
My question… Given most are slowly shifty towards full spectrum growing instead of the red leaning SE HPS or Blue leaning MH, “we’ve all been growing for a while, self taught youtube 10years”
if the standard across the board is slowly reaching  full spectrum as a standard use  lamp “LED or HPS”, the Fc needed for Veg compared to Bloom are different and then you have elevate the Fc needed when the use  of supplementary Co2 is added.
I run RDWC in a closed room and average 3+ per 0.5 x m3 or m2 how you’d like to measure it using 6/750 Gavitas.
im seeing
Fc 500-900 Veg Co2 @ 600-800ppm
Fc 900-3500 Bloom @900-1300ppm

now given  the full spectrum lamps/LED’s have a sweet spot “Green Zone” of vertical height  when choosing a Lamp/LED do you factor this into consideration? instead of looking for m2 coverage do you look at m3 coverage?
Do you factor in UV light when measuring LST?
do you measure LST?
i feel 1 gram per watt on a 63 day bloom is white belt stuff, like Rogan says their are a ton of Hollywood black belts but not many come out of Gracie academy or 10th planet BJJ.

I’ve included a pic of 4 x CookieKush #1 cut that i found from a 5 pack of seeds. they cover 0.5 x m3  or 1 x m2 pic is at day 45 Bloom

The Thunder from down under

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