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What’s up DGC Crew! New to the Patreon family by a week and new to show for about a month now.
LOVE the content and the attitude of paying it forward. Your Karma is excellent! I am newly retired from an extremely high stress profession and live in a prohibition state; but hopefully not for long. I’ve seen more carnage than humans should and my retirement was due to an extreme case of PTSD, anxiety and depression.  I share my story at conventions around the country which actually helps some. I really wish I could share my story with you all but that would give away exactly who I am and safety calls for some anonymity.
I’m writing because for the past three years my psychiatrist has had me so doped up, I could easily have been an extra on The Walking Dead. Off the record, my primary doc suggested the devils lettuce. As with most listeners, it changed my life. My state finally went medicinal, I got a card however the prices just to keep up the cards and fill prescriptions is ridiculous. We’re not allowed to grow our own yet but being an outlaw I said screw it, and started my first grow with some bag seeds using Home Depot soil, a Mars Hydro 3×3 tent and some overkill on cheap lights.

The pics I attached are from the beginning until close to harvest. I had three plants total make it into the tent. The Back left and right are two different strains, the one in the front that spans the entire tent horizontally was the same as the back right just 3 weeks behind. I super cropped the front girl like a noob and tore stems up a bit but she was hearty and strong, bouncing back and making a thick canopy and buds. Come harvest time the plant in the front yielded more than both plants in the back. I fed them using Foxfarm liquid nutes with a schedule I found online and I probably messed that up a little. I’m using cheap equipment as well, but making it do what it do baby. I finally discovered your show and its completely transformed the way I look at my plants and treat them. The symbiotic relationships, microbes, how life is a circle, Scotty’s Randy Watson T-Shirt…I love it all!  Throughout this process I discovered my passion for this medicine and my obsession to grow the best quality I can.

Thank you Dude, Scotty, Guru, Noobgrows, Rasta Jeff and everyone else in the community that has helped answer questions from my noob ass. Hopefully in the future I can contribute to this great community. Thank you DGC Crew! #bromance #randywatson