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DGC!  I’m very proud of my first run.  These girls were grown in 3 gallon pots with Coast of Maine soil.  They were fed a steady diet of Recharge and Fish Sh!t, while being top dressed with Gaia Green amendments.  Smells are intense diesel with mango/melon tones.  I got great coloring throughout the grow, and though she isn’t the biggest, she does look quite tasty.  Due to time, I trimmed fairly heavy before hanging to dry.  She’s been kept at 60/60RH for almost a week and I think she’s ready to cure.

What’s the proper dry time on wet-trimmed buds?  Also, is it normal for colors to fade out?  Most of the purple has faded to a darker green since trimming.  Assuming that’s chlorophyll leaving the plant?  Anyway, none of this is possible without the DGC!  You guys are appreciated!  Thank you, and keep up the good vibes!