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Hi Dude and Scotty,

New here at the DGC, i have been listening for a few months now and i have just finished my first grow and i am mid way through my second. The podcast has been a huge help and a great source of enjoyment. I am new but i have gone mad on the research and currently i am running no till and crazy about soil biology. I am thinking of adding recharge to the mix, how ever i am keen to know the amounts of humic and fulvic substances contained with in recharge i.e how much percent per gram or ppm. I ask this because i am currently using bioag’s fulpower and tm-7 humic acid and they are working great and from my research bioag’s product is some of the best when it comes to  humic substances. I wish to add recharge in to my system because of all the other goodies it has, but would love to know the humic/fulvic content as to avoid over dosing my plants with humic substance as this can lead to abnormal growth patterns. any way cheers for the great work, you guys a great.

regards Francis