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New grower here and I love all the ideas for clone domes I found on this site. However, I couldn’t really find anything that I could use to cover new seedlings to help raise the humidity in my otherwise dry climate. All the domes I found were either too wide, or too expensive. It just so happens I was wandering through Home Depot and found these 1 quart clear plastic liners for paint pails. Anyway, they’re cheap, about $4 for a six pack, they fit perfectly over a solo cup nestled in my coco coir media and seem to help hold the humidity pretty well. I fit three of these buggers in a 5 gallon grow bag with some little seedlings getting all the light and humidity they love. They’re cheap enough I can poke holes in them to regulate the humidity or toss them if they get too f’d up. So far they’re working out great… just though I’d share.