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Hey DGC. with all the hot, rainy weather the midwest has had this year, the humidity in my grow tent has been sitting at 70+% with temps between 83-87F. This was fine and even ideal during veg but now that my ladies are going into week 3 of flower, I had to bring out the dehumidifier which leads to my first question. Does keeping the dehumidifier in the tent pull water out of your medium? Would it make more sense to put it near your exhaust so the wet air being sucked out of the tent is immediately getting dried out? I’ve noticed that the time between watering has went down a day (meaning i’m watering a day earlier) since I started running the de-hu and I don’t know whether this is due to the plants hitting their stride and sucking up water or if the dehumidifier is to blame. I’m growing in a heavily amended coco so I originally thought the high temps were causing the water to evaporate out of the pots but there is about an inch of straw covering my media. My tent has good air movement so I’m not worried about rot or mold or anything, just stoned thoughts. Maybe a combination of the heat and fans causing evaporation? Let me know what you all think.