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Hey DGC, Grow: 14 girls, 8×8 tent, coco, pro-mix, earth worm castings, perlite, Remo Nutrition, Recharge, Massive, Bio Mass, Winter Frost, silica, Superthrive. 1-HLG550Rspec, 1-Sk400plus, 2-Aglex 225 supplemental lighting. I’ve been experimenting with my humidifier, for a couple of weeks I ran continuous mode, then I changed the setting to Auto@55% for a couple weeks, I filled a 55 gal drum with condensate in 2 weeks in continuous mode, and a 5gal pale every 3 days in Auto mode, so a huge difference. I can obviously feed a lot more using continuous mode, is that a wise strategy, or am I risking my girls with fertilizer overload or lockout?