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Hey. So I’m on day 37 from seed, still in veg, with my Garden of Green, Pineapple Amnesia. Everything was going great. They had taken hold in the 1G pots before they go into the 7G. Just got done topping them all for the first time. That was until last Sat. when hurricane Dorian blew through Nova Scotia. It knocked out my power for 25 hrs.(not to mention the damage to the outdoor plants) but its the indoor garden I’m worried about.

I have my lights turn on around 430 pm and go out at 1030 am while in veg. So the power went out at 730 pm, so they were in light for 3 hrs. I put in a battery power light right away( just a halogen bulb for light not a grow light) hoping the power wouldn’t be out long. So when i woke up Sunday and the power was still out I brought them up and put them in the window (it was sunny by now but still windy). It got dark around 7 pm and the the power came back on at 815 pm. So i put them back in the tent on their regular veg schedule.

So what do you think this day of light/dark/light/just sunlight/dark/ tent again will do to them?  Throw them into flower? Hermie them out? Totally screw the genetics up? Totally kill them?

A full day later they still look fine but did I did see noticeable growth overnight.  Do you think i should chuck them and start over? I plan on leaving them in veg for now and keep a close eye on them. If i see any flower signs ill flip to 12/12. But being so young, just wondering if I’m wasting my time, and should just get rid of them.

Any info and opinions from the DGC crew would be awesome, thanks guys.