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Hey DGC. I am a new grower and learn so much from everyone here. I had a hard time getting those Hurricane clip on fans on the vertical poles in my grow tent. I wanted the fan vertical not horizontal. I came up with a couple easy hacks and thought I would share.
1. Remove pedestal from clip and zip tie directly to pole. I use 2 zip ties so that it doesn’t twits and so that it doesn’t slide down. I cut a little notch in the round part of the pedestal so that it fits flush  against the pole and the V helps it resist twist as well.

2. Relocate the pedestal from the top of the clip to the pivot point of the clip. This way the fan sits vertical when attached to the pole. All you need for this is a #8 1 1/2″ sheet metal screw and a flat washer for that screw. First remove the pedestal from the clip. There is a screw to get it out in the fan side of the pedestal. Next, tape the clip on both ends so that it doesn’t separate while working on it. Then remove the screw from the pivot point. Put a #8 1 1/2″ screw into the top of the pedestal (the fan side) and screw it into the pivot point on the side of the clip. Be sure the holes are aligned. Don’t screw to tight (I stripped a couple). The screw should go all the way inside the clip and just the tip past the plastic support inside the clip. To attach to a vertical pole you need a folded cloth or something so that it can bite down (unless you have thick tent poles). You can still turn the fan side to side and tilt it forward an back. I am gentle on it since it is the pivot point, but it has held up well.

Hope this helps someone grow…