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Hey everyone! Just wanted to start this post off by saying that in no way am I hating on rockwool. I understand it has been used forever and has produced an unbelievable amount of dank nugs, but the reason I created this tutorial was because I wanted to provide an alternative to hydro growers who are looking to start from seed without the use of Rockwool.

Deciding whether or not to use it is a personal preference, but some research has shown it to have possible health and/or environment impacts, some people may have a difficult time with the pH of the Rockwool itself, and some people are just looking to save some extra money.

I hope you are able to easily follow along and maybe learn something along the way! If you are interested in seeing what the final plant looked like (from this tutorial), head over to my Instagram where you can find my DWC Posts & more✌️

Tutorial Video