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I got root rot on an experiment plant , i broke all the rules to see when the plant dies from my neglekt.. 😲😳😬But when the plant did so good in 2 gallons water pH 5,5 500 ppm air pump and adjusting water level but no added nutes or pH adjusting but foliar feed kelp and npk mix.

2 weeks it did fine and pH rising high, root rot setting in.

😎 experiment over .. or is it ..

😁 i thought id give it a go.. klipping 90 % of root ball leaving 2 inches of roots , with rotting roots even between the remaining white roots . .

Living soil is the safehouse for nature so i defoliated and removed small branches and low shoots to make the surface area lower and hormones delivered to select shoots ..

The plant did not skip a beat. 😳

Is the plant really able to just restart both roots and leaves to bloom old plants and rescue a dwc gone bad..Β  maybe grow hack worthy for the DGC bros.

I’m flowering , its praying . Enjoying all the space in soil.

Thank you for all your shows guys.

The Dude grow it, Scotty smoke it and Guru know it.

dont be afraid to show it .

its ok and you know it ..

Peace out and respect to the community.