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Hello master gardeners and masturbators, I don’t know what to do in this mother situation. What I do know is that I don’t want to bunch of places for bugs or mold spores to hang out and make sexy time. When I go to cut my clones, I am probably going to want to take the tips off of all my main branches. To have clones later, What is going to be most important to consider saving? When I prune for Flowertyme, I am definitely going after everything with skinny branches. Anything that is coming up from the underside of the branch I take also. Does this apply in this situation? I know that I don’t like clones that are all twisted and bent. So it stands to reason that I would not bother saving those. On the other hand, when I take my next clones… they will become the main straight awesome branches??   Ugggggggg this is what I did. Does it look OK? I am also thinking maybe just using moms for two rounds to keep them small? They take up a lot of space. Everyone loves a big mama until they have to pay her rent. You guys are the best, all of you. Even the surliest Have a place in my heart. Don’t forget roofers are always on top!