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Good Afternoon DGC,

I was hoping for some advice for the spider farmer LED light. I like all of your philosophy’s for growing, thank you for your knowledge and time.

Now that i am thinking about it, you all had a give away for the aromatic compost tea “blender” (the one that chugs particles)… I forget the name of it. I don’t know if that was a spam that said I won it? Anyways back to why I really wanted to say “hey”,

I took the advice from Guru to get the Spider farmer LED. I had to get a device to go from 110 -220 outlet, will that effect the the over all performance of the light? Do I need to hire electrician to put in 220?  Or should I mail the light back and get something different? I have a 5×5 and hope to grow into a bigger tent when my knowledge  expands.