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Alright guys, so I’m embarrassed to say that this happened but now I need some advice.

I flipped my girls to flower on March 15th which means that we should be at the beginning of week 5 right now.  I’ve had so much going on lately that I haven’t been paying close enough attention to them but it has seemed like they weren’t progressing as fast as they usually do…. Every time I think that I just look at the timer to verify that its set to 12/12… Yep, the pins have been set to 12/12 but yesterday I noticed that it was set to “Outlet On” instead of “Timer On”!!!! NOOOOO!!!

I literally cannot believe that I didn’t notice this sooner and I’m not sure if I bumped it at some point or if its been like that the whole time but now it makes sense that my plants have seemed a bit stressed because the lights have been on 24/7!! They also haven’t been responding great to the nutrient regimen because they’ve been in veg but I’ve been feeding them like they were in flower.  So here’s my question:

A few days ago I switched their nutes from early flower ratios to mid flower ratios (RO water with GH 3 part + Cal-mag and Silica, pH 5.8, in Coco Coir). Should I change their nutrients back to early flower ratios or keep them the same?  I’m so bummed that I just wasted the past 4 weeks thinking they were flowering…  That being said, I’m SLIGHTLY relieved because now I know why it has seemed like something was off with them, I just wish I would have noticed sooner… Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

I Hope you all are safe and healthy. Much love DGC

Frosty Mitten

P.S. The two plants in front are Alien Orange Gum by Obsoul33t from the DGC pack and the one in the back is Cheese by Dinafem