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What’s growin on, man!

I’m a Novice gardener on the East Coast and I’m attempting an indoor VEGAN COCO run this Spring (coco x perlite (or not?) x worm castings x recharge (do I use recharge here?) x vegamatrix (or a more affordable vegan nutrient option) I’m using a 4×4 Gorilla tent and want to try a Spider Farmer SF4000 or a CHEAPER equivalent LED like a DIY quantum board or kit or whatever I can afford.

I used a fox farm/happy frog mix with Nectar nutes in my first 1.5 grows and container and raised bed small garden outside. I’ve been plant-based for almost 3 years now and realized my garden and indoor grows weren’t, with all the blood, feathers, bones and shit…

I know every grower does it different but I don’t want to fuck this coco grow up with the great genetics I wanna run (Cinderella XX). Shout out to you guys!

Outside of washing and buffering the coco and learning a little about handling the NPK and calcium and magnesium:

What’s the best ratio of coco x perlite x worm castings? Rasta Jeff did a great job explaining his ratio on his Nutrient Mix episode #1 but all growers are different. I found a couple of super soil(coco) recipes that I want to try but I don’t mind mixing nutes if those aren’t water only Mixes which is what I was looking for (are there even recipes for water only applications in coco?).

If I’m used to hand watering every couple of days or so but hearing that coco in some cases has to be watered multiple times a day, what’s the best way to approach not being able to be in the tent that much? Drip system? SIP? Or Just Rumors about the extra watering?

In a 4×4 with fabric pots in multiple size options and some air pots in a few sizes, what kind of plant count should I aim for after choosing my final pot size? What’s my final pot size in a 4×4?

I know I sound noob AFFF with all the questions but I watch a tonnnnnn of grow guides, podcasts, panel discussions (including most of The Dude Grows!) and I think I broke my brain. I guess I’m just trying to dial in my grow and dial back my OCD so I can actually start growing.

Shout out to ya’ll for all the info you guys put out there because I’ve learned a hell of a lot from you. Cant wait to start shooting pics and video of my grow to post up. Sorry for this long ass interrogation. PEACE YA’LL