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All my love to the DGC!

This crew rocks and I am asking for everyone’s input for a serious problem that has come to my attention in my small (1400 people) hometown in Upstate NY. In today’s mail was our Town Newsletter, and it had some news that I found disturbing and depressing.  The “Town Planning Board” paragraph reads as follows,

“After completing the review and update of the Site Plan Review Law and Subdivision Law, the Planning Board is continuing to work researching and writing a local law to regulate solar energy equipment. The Board also has written the Marijuana Regulation Local Law, which would make on site consumption and dispensary sales illegal in B*******e (Hometown, name left out for now). This law has been reviewed by the Town Board and is scheduled for a second public hearing. The Planning Board continues to meet on the first Tuesday of the month, at 6:30 in the town office building.Residents are welcome, and the board is always looking for more dedicated individuals. For more information, contact Planning Board chair ***** ************* at  ******.************

Holy steaming piles of guano!!! (Not the part about the solar energy…) And that’s only the first part. Included in the newsletter was a flyer that reads:

B*******e Resident Town Meeting/Information and Discussion For The NYS Marijuana Taxation And Regulation Act , Wednesday November 10, 2021, 6:00 PM at the B********* Community Hall 1st Floor

Please attend a town meeting for all residents to discuss the NYS Marijuana Taxation and Regulation Act. The town can either opt in or out of this law but must be done before December 31, 2021. We would like to share all the information we have from the State and get your input as a resident on what direction the town should go. We will meet at the B********* Community Hall on Wednesday November 10th at 6 PM. We look forward to you attending and please feel free to pass this information on to any resident and encourage them to attend as well.

I am planning on attending to try to reason, cajole, persuade these unfortunately misinformed people. I am hoping for a KIS(Keep It Simple) approach. If I can walk in with 5 – 10 bullet points to present with short explanations and facts that only truly brainwashed reefer madness sycophants would argue with, I think that these folks might be persuaded. I Hope…

Help Me DGC! Time is Short!

Please and Thank You!

I will even put my real name out there for this one. This is real life and Prohibition needs to end!


Walter Dyer