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Hey everyone at the DGC keep up the great work. What a great community you guys have created, I’m happy to be a part of it.

I noticed as I was placing the germinated seeds into the plugs that 1 seed had 2 tap roots. So I’m wondering is it possible for a seed to produce 2 plants? What should I do with it if so? I’ve labeled the (twins) to keep an eye on them. For the past year or so I have been taking my germinated seeds and placing them into root riot plugs. I rip the plugs in half leaving a bit attached and I sprinkle mycorrhizae into it before placing the germinated seed in. I then close the plug, place in a tray and under the lights they go. I have been having the best success ever with my grows the past few years and have been growing for 19 years now. I learned from you guys that the plants roots thrive on having that mycorrhizae introduced so I figured might as well try to introduce it from the start. I also use mycorrhizae at every transplant.

Thanks for the knowledge you share, keep it up